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Come on in, the water's fine! :wave: This is a community dedicated to celebrating all marine life, be it animal or plant, real or imagined, true-to-life, surreal, or abstract (we'll even accept freshwater life forms). Even fanart, as long as marine life is depicted in some way.

Rules - Please Read!
We're pretty relaxed as far as rules here, however there is one. All submitted artwork must feature some kind of marine life. Humans in the picture are fine as long as there is marine life featured elsewhere in the picture, or they are mythical creatures combined with some kind of marine animal (anthro), and must be distinguishable as such. Please, no seascapes with no marine life. Although ocean and sky by themselves are usually beautiful, we'd like to keep the focus on the organisms living within that habitat. By the same token, bubbles are not alive. Our affilate Aquaview does feature those types of lovely scenes, so you're welcome to submit them there.

All art media and skill levels are welcome.
Founded 11 Years ago
Nov 13, 2005


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Common Interest

513 Members
547 Watchers
43,715 Pageviews
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Gulf Oil Spill

How Crude by angelfish1021
by member angelfish1021

The sinking of the Deepwater Horizon and the resulting BP oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico is potentially the worst environmental disaster to happen in U.S. history, and may well begin affecting other countries, based on weather and ocean currents. Links to news updates and how you can help will be placed here...

:devart: links:

Gulf Oil Spill: Ways That Anyone Can Help

T a k e F l i g h t by AliWithAnEye
Daily Deviation by AliWithAnEye - raising awareness

DA group for some activism and oil-spill related art.

Outside links:

Gulf seafood deformities alarm scientists:…

On World Oceans Day, A Call to Action -…
Julie Packard, director of Monterey Bay Aquarium

Oil spill cleanup: BP spill's effect on endangered marine species potentially 'mind-boggling'

Photo Gallery

Donate through

If you have helpful links to add here, please note senoritafish.

We've added a folder titled "Ocean Issues" for art on the oil spill and other issues.

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Gallery Folders

Le Paradis Blanc by LitanaYasha
Protosphyraena by Vitor-Silva
Cruel Irony by LitanaYasha
[COM] Totally Coral by BLARGEN69
Ocean Issues
See them where they belong! by Thylacinus1
The conditions of the sea by Thylacinus1
End the War. by Thylacinus1
Mystery Fishes of the World by farhan43
Osteichthyes - Bony Fishes
Amigurumi Seahorse by PerilousBard
Lago Film Fest by Mantina
Wolf Eel by Cinderfalls
Chondrichthyes and other Cartilaginous Fishes
Manta Ray Love by odontocete
Falcatus falcatus by mixtix-freeman
Atlantidosteus pacifica by avancna
Zelon by DeathburnSHARKwolfz
Agnathans and other Jawless Fishes
Anglaspis heintzi by avancna
Rhyncholepis parvula by avancna
Purplebook 106 by avancna
Lampraspis tuberculata by avancna
Angel Klaus Nomi and Ecco dolphin by DreamRevolution
Yamiorca ref by Dolphingurl21stuff
Heartsong and Willy by Dolphingurl21stuff
Markiwhale X Yamiorca by Dolphingurl21stuff
Proclamation of the Moon Seal by ApocalypseCartoons
My Seal Buddies by Cinderfalls
Don't Mind Me by Exsanguination8
Hydro the dolphin and Sam the seal. by AquaPicture
Other Marine Mammals
Me 2015 by nimmsketch
Archaeum 002 by avancna
Polar Bear by sailingseawolf
Calming Manatee Amigurumi by PerilousBard
Aves - Birds
Me 2015 by nimmsketch
Penguins by sailingseawolf
bird 11-22 by poseidonsimons
Day at the Beach by RFabiano
Reptiles and Amphibians
Me 2015 by nimmsketch
CROCONZENEO by DeathburnSHARKwolfz
axolotl by deinoscaos
Axolothe by deinoscaos
Day Octopus by odontocete
Hypacanthoplites microtuberculatus by mixtix-freeman
Soliclymenia paradoxa by mixtix-freeman
Giant Pacific Octopus - Commission by odontocete
Other Molluscs
Blue Glaucus by SPIKE295
Fakemon fissurella by Maleiva
Washed Ashore by caseyhoke
Glaucus Atlanticus  Sea Slug by OlgaShirobana
Cnidarians and Ctenophores
Me 2015 by nimmsketch
Saella by MicehellWDomination
Amigurumi Jellyfish by PerilousBard
Heart Jellyfish by LuciaSeriin
Birkenia elegans by avancna
Mangroves I by Little-Bluefish
Purplebook 031 by avancna
Jewelwings of Summer by caseyhoke
Other Invertebrates
Thectardis avalonenis by avancna
Inktober Day 38 001 by avancna
Ooedigera peeli by avancna
Mangroves I by Little-Bluefish
Mangroves II by Little-Bluefish
Kelp by Exsanguination8
Kelp On Shore by Exsanguination8
Fossil Record
Cowielepis ritchiei by avancna
Soliclymenia paradoxa by mixtix-freeman
Anglaspis heintzi by avancna
Latimeria by mixtix-freeman
Fantasy and Science Fishin'
Bubble by sJibbi
Angel Klaus Nomi and Ecco dolphin by DreamRevolution
Ninfee LFF by Mantina
Mantine by Mantina
Reefs and Other Scenes
HDseahorse by saretta13
Not so dangerous by Giganotosaur
Ocean by sJibbi
Chir en mer by scubapic
Domestic Aquariums and Ponds
Dwarf Gourami by Thylacinus1
Dwarf Gourami by Thylacinus1
Rubber Lipped Plecostamus by Thylacinus1
Shine by Edris-Kingfisher
Hippocampus in Chitin by caseyhoke
Cephalo-Sepia by caseyhoke
Day at the Beach by RFabiano
Celtic Stormy Sea Mandala by foxvox
Seequine to Seeborg- An Unfortunate Evolution by BLARGEN69
Scientific Illustration
Hippocampus in Chitin by caseyhoke
Fish Anatomy vol. 2 by Maleiva
Heterodontus zebra by Giganotosaur
Makaira nigricans skeletal system. by hannalemoine
Human Interaction
.:PC:StudioIJB:. by Master-Chuu
Reel Fishing River Lodge Story Issue 1-1 by farhan43
Ness and Noriyasu by sJibbi
Captive Lies by Thylacinus1
Gallery by media
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Poseidon by Cinderfalls
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Depth is the Only Inconsistant by BioMarina
Endangered Species
Vaquita the most endangered cetacean in the world by memuco
Axolotl memuco by memuco


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Welcome, members new and old, to the oldest marine life group on DeviantArt!  It was sadly inactive for awhile, due to real life getting the better of me, and for which I profusely apologize.  However, when I founded it, I couldn’t find any comparable “clubs” at the time, so I started this one. Hopefully with the new Groups format, which is a lot more automated, we’ll keep it going this time.

Wow, I can't believe you guys have been so active since restarting this group at the beginning of summer.  Thank you so much, everyone who's joined!  As of this posting, we now have more than 90 active members, who have either submitted or invited others to submit over 260 works to our gallery.  I have to admit, I was unaware we could invite others to submit works here, so thanks for doing that, and as far as I'm concerned, the more the merrier.  Keep in mind, though, there is a limit of three works submitted per day, per member and invites are included in this.  Wonderful job and keep it up; I am regularly astounded by the works being submitted!

Gallery Organization
Since BioMarina welcomes all types of water-dwelling critters, the gallery has been divided up into folders by (fairly broad) taxonomic groups and by a few subject categories. All the gallery folders are located in a box on the right side of the main page, or they can be accessed within the gallery.  So far, we have:

:bulletgreen: Featured - All artwork in the order submitted. Please submit your art to this folder and a moderator will send it where it needs to go.
:bulletblue: Ocean Issues - for artwork dealing with any marine life issues or current events.
:bulletgreen: Osteichthyes - Bony Fishes
:bulletblue: Chondrichthyes - Any cartilaginous fishes; elasmobranches (sharks, skates & rays), chimeras, lampreys, etc.
:bulletgreen: Cetaceans - whales, dolphins, and porpoises
:bulletblue: Other Marine Mammals - Pinnipeds (seals, sea lions, and walruses), otters, polar bears, etc.
:bulletgreen: Aves - birds
:bulletblue: Reptiles and Amphibians
:bulletgreen: Cephalopods - Octopus, squid and cuttlefish
:bulletblue: Other Mollusks - clams, chitons, snails and nudibranchs
:bulletgreen: Cnidarians and Ctenophores - Jellies, anemones, corals, and comb jellies
:bulletblue: Arthropods - crustaceans and other animals with jointed legs
:bulletgreen: Other Invertebrates - all other animals without a spinal column not in the previous four categories
:bulletblue: Plantae - marine and water plants - from kelp to phytoplankton
:bulletgreen: Fossil Record - no longer extant marine organisms
:bulletblue: Fantasy and Science Fishin’ – mythological marine critters, anthro, fantasy or science fiction settings, or real marine creatures in settings or actions they would not .normally be doing.
:bulletgreen:  Reefs and Other Scenes – scenes with multiple species or a sort of underwater “landscape” (although aquatic organisms must be shown)
:bulletblue:  Domestic Aquariums – domestically bred animals or plants kept in home or office aquariums (not public aquariums which feature mostly wild animals)  
:bulletgreen:  Abstract – depictions of aquatic life not of a realistic nature; fractals or extremely stylized traditional art are examples.
:bulletgreen:  Technical or Scientific Illustration – illustrations of an explanatory nature; diagrams and figures.
:bulletblue:  Literature – written works on water dwellers; poetry or prose
:bulletgreen:  Gallery by Media – subfolders for traditional art, digital art, photography, and artisan craft – copies of each work submitted are placed in respective folders by media (I don’t know about you, but sometimes I like to look up works of a particular type).
:bulletblue:  Orphans – works submitted prior to the change to the group format, where the original seems to have moved, deleted, or the artist is no longer a member of DeviantArt.  If you notice something of yours here and you want it taken down or you have a newer link, please let senoritafish know so it can be updated and lead directly to your gallery.

Other folders or sub-folders may be added as needed.

Since some works will fit in more than one category, I've taken the liberty of placing copies of works in all folders that they fit in -

i.e. this: Somewhere in space... by oktopussy

would fit in the folders Cephalopods, and Fantasy & Science Fishin'.

Please note we have a page with links to all kinds of marine life resources; there is a link at the top of the page.  Links to artist pages, organizations, identification websites, public aquariums,  many other are included.  If you have any you would like to add (including if you have your own personal website), please note senoritafish and it’ll be added to the list.

We have a number of affiliate groups with content that may or may not be related. – hey, everyone has interests in a number of areas!  Please check them out; they have lots of great artwork!  If we hear of any contests or promotions any are having, we’ll be glad to link to them here.  If you know of any groups that might be interested in affiliating with us, please let us know, and we’ll send an affiliation request.

We are a SuperGroup!
At the time of BioMarina’s conversion to Group status, we had a paid account, and converted with all the SuperGroup bells and whistles.  This paid account has now expired; however, the cost for a paid Group account is twice as much as an individual account.  Previously, I’d gotten the group a paid account out of my own pocket; however, the doubled price is a bit prohibitive for me.  If you’d like to see this group continue as a SuperGroup after next May, I will be setting up a points donation box on our main page for anyone to contribute to.  Since we have more than 60 members, it would take less than $1US from each member to continue it.  If you’ve happened to accumulate a few points from llama-trading with other DA members and you don’t know what to do with them, may we suggest putting them towards BioMarina?  Thanks!

If there's anything you guys would like to see here, or if you have any suggestions, please let me know, either in the comments or by note.  

You guys are amazing – keep on keepin’ on with the marine critter love!

More Journal Entries






Here are a some other groups you may be interested in! Just ask if your group would like to affiliate!

Also see the Sea Life Grouple for other marine-related groups you might be interested in.


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Featured is where it gets submitted to - there are quite a number of subgalleries, which is confusing to some people, so I prefer to do it myself. I apologize I haven't sorted stuff for a while, but I will try to catch up this weekend.  Thanks for joining us though, and I'll get to that when I have a few spare minutes!
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spcodesigns Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2013 (Save the Great Barrier Reef in Australia) (Save the Great Barrier Reef in Australia)
hannalemoine Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Hi! I'm a marine biology student from the small town that recieved the largest impact after the oil spill, Grand Isle. I just wanted to say thank you guys for caring and keeping this issue alive! The media does not speak of it anymore however it is still a mess. I've recently talked with BP workers cleaning up and they said there is not a dent in the cleanup. I recently visited my favorite beach two weeks ago and was greeted with oil spill signs. So thank you for keeping the awareness alive and well! Its a long recovery, but I am confident that our beautiful Gulf Coast will be healthy again!
senoritafish Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2013
To be honest, I was just looking at that box and thinking about updating it with something more timely. But you're absolutely right. Disasters like this take years, even decades to recover from. So I'll leave it for now, although it may be updated with related issues. Thanks for your comment!
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